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About Me:

I am currently working on a project called "Faces of Seattle". I am looking for people touring, living, or working in Seattle to have their pictures taken FREE OF CHARGE. My goal is to photograph a diverse series of individuals for the purpose of improving my skills. In exchange for your time, you get a decent picture :)

If you enjoy what you see, please reblog. Help get my name in the community :)

This blog contains all original content. Most of the images have been taken by myself. The ones of portraying myself have been taken by those whom I shared experiences with. Enjoy. I am part of the working poor class, and all of the content on this site is made possible by the donations of my viewers. You are not obligated to donate, but if you have any old camera equipment you would like to see put to a good use, please consider myself for your old lesnses, filters, or bodies. I am self taught, and always looking for mentors to teach me new tips and stricks. All of the donations I recieve will go towards purchasing used lenses and camera equipment, 120mm film, and processing.

All inquires please email me at

The bodies I use are:
Nikon D70 (crop sensor)
Nikon D5100 (crop sensor)
Yashica TL-Super (35mm)
Yashica Mat (6x6 medium format)

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